Abbotsford Q & A with Liz Walker from Orangebox

Orangebox is leading the way in ‘smartworking’ by creating innovative and efficient corporate spaces to better stimulate creativity.

Julian, our Sales Manager recently caught up with Liz Walker, the Marketing Manager at Orangebox to gather her thoughts and views on new design trends this year. Here are the results of their Q&A:

  1. Is there a definitive colour direction which the trends are heading towards in 2020? Or one particular colour which is being used repeatedly within the industry?

We are seeing Deep Navy, Khaki Green, Wine Burgundy with lighter salmon pink tones moving more towards a darker terracotta.

  1. What do you see is the biggest change within design for contract furnishing this year?

Flexibility, embedded power and technology is the biggest change within design. We are moving more towards a ‘smarter’ way of living.

  1. Are there any strong patterns and prints which we will be seeing in 2020?

Definitely, print is getting much more popular. Digital print is key to enabling access to an unlimited source of designs.

  1. What is the most popular fabric which is being used at the moment?

We are seeing more pure wool and wool blend fabrics being used within the industry, the benefits of wool encourage the smarter way of living people want. 

  1. How important is the traceability/sustainability of fabric?

Socially we are becoming more aware of the environment, this makes sustainability and traceability is integral to the requirements of our design.

  1. What do you feel makes you unique as a company?

I think our branding creates a point of difference, followed by our extensive colour choices.

  1. If there was any building in the world you could put furniture, where would it be?

The Taj Mahal would be a great building to furnish, it would be great to use a range of colours against the bright white building.

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