Abbotsford, Ladywell Mills, Hall Lane, Bradford

The finest quality British furnishing fabrics

Abbotsford Textiles do more than simply just design, manufacture and supply fabrics, we can offer a true textiles solution. We are proud to be part of the SIL Holdings family, a vertically integrated group of companies providing the availability of raw materials to production processes including weaving, dyeing and finishing. This brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a heritage dating back to the late 1700s.

Our highly knowledgeable team can help with projects in any sector, whether it’s an individual item or the full package. Manufactured from yarn to finishing within our own mills, ensures the finest British quality and service for our clients.

– Caroline Doyle, Manager

Abbotsford has built a reputation for quality fabrics woven with style, performance and practicality that meet rigorous standards. As a supplier to many of the country’s leading companies, we can offer off the shelf ranges to bespoke solutions. Our in house team can guide you in choosing the best fabric for use in your preferred sector.

We operate a quality management system and hold ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification. This highlights our commitment to providing quality products and services with our drive to be more efficient, reduce waste and limit our environmental impact.

Sustainability means a lot to us

Abbotsford is committed to a sustainable future.


That is why we specialise in wool fabrics, as wool is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. All of our raw materials are ethically sourced from trusted farmers across the globe. Our ISO 14001 2015 certificate shows our commitment to the promotion and development of environmental best practice.

Once our high-quality woollen fabrics have been woven we send them off to be dyed locally at our partner’s Roberts Dyers and Finishers, in Keighley. The dyeing process uses Yorkshire water which has been naturally filtered through the Pennines.

Any off-cut fabrics which are not used are donated to local schools and charities to be used in crafts and projects, and we always work as a team to ensure all excess cardboard rolls and boxes are recycled.

SIL Group Members

From humble beginnings, SIL Holdings has grown into a vertically integrated group of textile businesses, delivering Textile Excellence to customers in more than 60 countries.

With an in-house design team, Abbotsford develop and maintain a wide range of stock-supported fabrics. Natural wools are complemented with luxurious Trevira fabrics, creating an exclusive and diverse collection.

Handcrafted in Yorkshire, Joshua Ellis fabrics are the quintessential choice for the finest brands in fashion, a touch of sophistication without equal. So, if you demand the very height of luxury, only Joshua Ellis cashmere will do.

Under the Luxury Fabrics banner the group is proud to have five world-famous, high-quality worsted brands in John Foster, William Halstead, Kynoch, Charles Clayton and S.Selka.

The primary fibre business is Seal International, one of the largest speciality fibre stockholders and traders in the world. Whatever a client’s requirement, Seal deals with enquires, sampling, orders and deliveries quickly and efficiently.

MBA Yarns is run by a team with over 35 years technical knowledge and market experience in yarn trading. Being part of the group allows them to be strong, agile, flexible and gives them independent buying power.

Trusted by some of the textile industry’s foremost names to produce an excellent match each and every time, FTS Dyers are also used for development work with five small dyeing machines ranging from 0.5kg through to 3kg.

Fabric has been woven at Stanley Mills since 1890. As well as a reputation as one of the world’s finest worsted weavers they remain one of only a handful of specialist mohair weavers.

Roberts Dyers & Finishers is one of the leading worsted and woollen, cotton and linen cloth finishers in the world. Tracing its roots back to 1900 the company combines traditional methods with modern techniques and equipment giving customers bespoke products of the highest quality.

AG Transport Services (AGTS) provides businesses inside and outside the Group with a flexible transport service and additional capacity from a reliable team you can count on.