Q&A with Vicky from Fully Re-Covered Bespoke Upholstery

Q&A with Vicky from Fully Re-Covered Bespoke Upholstery

Firstly, we'd like to extend a warm thank you to Vicky, the talented craftsperson behind Fully Re-Covered Bespoke Upholstery. Her keen eye for design and meticulous upholstery skills recently came to our attention through one of her latest projects, and we simply had to share it with all of you!

This particular furniture piece, expertly reupholstered using our very own 100% Melton wool fabric, truly exemplifies the versatility and beauty of this material. Vicky took full advantage of the extensive colour spectrum we offer, creating a stunning composition that incorporated a captivating blend of solid and mélange wool tones. The result is a breath-taking piece that breathes new life into the furniture while showcasing the endless design possibilities that our Melton wool fabric provides.

We took the time to catch up with Vicky to learn a little more about her, and what inspires her creativity, and discover the story behind this chair.

1. It’s great to catch up with you Vicky, please could you tell us a little more about yourself and what is it that you do?

I’m an upholsterer based near Denby Dale in West Yorkshire. I run my own business from home, having made a total career change to follow my dream and work for myself doing something I love. I mainly undertake upholstery commissions working closely with my clients to breathe new life into old furniture. I also teach some beginners modern upholstery classes in Huddersfield.

2. What is it that you enjoy the most about what you do?

Bringing joy! Sometimes I do actually feel like I’m on The Repair Shop as many of the chairs I work on have sentimental value and have their own individual story. I love to totally transform something and make it loved once again – and it makes me feel very privileged that my clients trust me with their treasured items.

3. What inspires your creativity?

Most of my work is client commissions so I am generally working to a brief but I do need to know what’s out there in terms of fabric choices, what’s on trend and what’s practical so I can advise my clients. I get a lot of my fabric and interiors inspiration online and via mediums such as Instagram.

4. What’s the story behind this particular chair?

It was about applying a number of different upholstery techniques all onto one chair. You may notice that the arms and wings are all different, so the design really lends itself to going a little crazy with the fabric! I was really drawn to using the vibrant colour palette of the Melton wools and just decided to have a little fun with it.

5. Do you have a ‘go to’ fabric composition that you enjoy working with?

Wool Wool Wool!

6. Why do you love to use wool fabric?

From a practical perspective, it’s inherently fire retardant and extremely hard wearing. But I just love the feel of wool; the texture – and, when it’s on a piece of furniture it becomes a quality looking product. It’s also versatile to work with and easy to sew, both on a sewing machine or when you need to sew by hand.

7. What is it about our 100% Classic Melton Wool that drew you into using it?

It has such very ‘cuddly’ feel to it and when I upholster a chair in it, it always seems inviting! I also like that it’s not too stretchy as some wools can be, so as an upholsterer it makes my job a little easier when applying it to a piece and getting the tension right. The amazing range of colours available means there’s something for my customers’ different tastes.

8. Do you have a favourite colour/shade in our Classic Melton collection?

I love them all but for me it has to be ‘Citrine’, hence that one took centre stage on the chair.

9. What is next for you? What projects are you currently working on?

Project-wise, I’m working on an antique Victorian nursing chair at the moment – it’s very old and super cute. These chairs have an iron frame so there is a lot of hand sewing involved. Thankfully, my clients chose a Classic Melton for the job and we went with the ‘Chai’ mélange to complement their neutral interior. And me, I’ll be continuing to grow my business and over the coming months expanding my soft furnishings offering.

Follow Vicky from Fully covered’s Instagram @girlwithastaplegun, and visit her website here.

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