Discover our contract fabric collection in Hoop La designs. Available in a wide variety of colours, this upholstery fabric is a great choice for interior designers and upholsterers looking to upgrade or renovate chairs and sofas.

Hoop La Contract Fabric

Dark yellow commercial fabric for hotels
Daffodil £18.69 £59.95
Zest hoop design contract fabric
Zest £18.69 £59.95
Yellow hoop contract fabric FR rated
Golden Delicious £18.69 £59.95
Hoop design upholstery fabric for contract and domestic furnishings
Beach £18.69 £59.95
Light red design upholstery fabric
Pinkie £18.69 £59.95
Navy contract fabric for marine and commercial furnishings
Navy £18.69 £59.95
Avocado hoop coloured fabric for commercial and interior designs
Avocado £18.69 £59.95
Hoop design fabric for contract furnishing and upholstery furnishing
Paw Paw £18.69 £59.95
FR rated upholstery fabric in Apricot
Apricot £18.69 £59.95
Seville red hoop contract fabric for upholstery
Seville £18.69 £59.95
Red with orange hoops contract fabric
Sandy £18.69 £59.95
Blue hoop design contract fabric
Splash £18.69 £59.95
Hoop design upholstery fabric light blue and green
Eucalyptus £18.69 £59.95
Light green FR fabric with dark green hoop design
Grape £18.69 £59.95
Dark green upholstery fabric
Granny Smith £18.69 £59.95
Dark green upholstery fabric
Pine £18.69 £59.95
Purple contract fabric with grey hoop design
Lavender £18.69 £59.95
Blue FR rated upholstery fabric for contract furnishing
Misty £18.69 £59.95
Contract furnishing fabric in purple with hoop design
Cloud £18.69 £59.95
Rockpool contract fabric for sale
Rockpool £18.69 £59.95
Sand coloured hoop upholstery fabric for contract furnishings
Almond £18.69 £59.95
Beige contract fabric for commercial upholstery
Coconut £18.69 £59.95
Dark purple hoop contract fabric for commercial designs
Mink £18.69 £59.95
Dark and light brown contract fabric
Pecan £18.69 £59.95
Contract fabric for upholstery furnishings in dark red
Lipstick £18.69 £59.95
Dark red upholstery fabric for commercial contract
Gala £18.69 £223.00
Purple furniture fabric for commercial and domestic design
Victoria £18.69 £59.95
Contract upholstery fabric for interior designs
Mango £18.69 £59.95